5 Chicago Food Bloggers You Must Follow For Amazing Recommendations

Every big city has kids and girls who are obsessed with food and love to share their favorite and not so favorite dishes. We all wish to know what kind of food a place serves and if it is really worth going there. And Chicago has some amazing restaurants with a unique meal that is definitely worth sharing. These five Chicago food bloggers go up and down to share their favorite dishes, places to eat, and what Chicago foods to avoid.

Michelle is one of the Chicago food bloggers who “eats her way through the Midwest!” He has traveled to many cities to find the best food. It is notorious for Yelp (in a good way) and has the title of Yelp Elite for 5 years… and it counts. You will find everything from pastel chicken to classic minestrone soup to marshmallow cookie sandwiches. Although she does not provide guides for her food adventures, be sure to check out her stories daily to find out where the best dishes are!

With more than 11,000 followers, @hangry_chicago is a must follow. Managed by @ baileymcguire1, you will find everything from pancakes to coffee to delicious rigatoni vodka to carne asada tacos. The list goes on and on if you are a fan of porn food, her food is wonderfully beautiful. And like @lickworthy, Bailey is a Chicago food blogger who provides it fans with guides to her favorite restaurants and food. She keeps up to date with her news often so you never miss a new favorite.

Jessica (@ jessicatips) comes from Chicago (obviously) and shares a variety of different dishes from all over the city. It also provides fans with guides so you do not have to look for its flow to find the best places for brunch on Sunday. This food blog includes everything sushi with wings and you will not be disappointed with the choice. Jessica has also recently traveled to Florida, so if you are planning a trip to the coast, be sure to check out her posts!

Directed by Eryn Byrne, @ 312food has more than 100,000 followers! It is impressive now! With so many fans, you will not be disappointed with her choices and her extensive porn food. She is one of the Chicago food bloggers who does not only share her favorite dishes or favorite places for a midnight snack. It also provides its fans with hidden gems, hacks for if you are on a waiting list, food trucks and favorites from our favorite airport, O’Hare. You can also find the city guide on its website!

Considered a “food snob”, Chele has a rounded food. This Chicago food blogger includes her favorite meals, travel, tips and recipes. And as a notorious foodie, she provides her fans with a food guide to Dallas! She travels a lot, so if you are interested in learning more about food from all over the country, we recommend you follow her food blog. Also, be sure to take a look at her favorite black privately owned restaurants and bars on her wheels!

Chicago Food Bloggers Featured Image Credit: Medium

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