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Cottage Rentals - Motels Near Natural Stone Bridge and Caves

May 10


Footbridge Beach Motel & Cotteges allowing guests to cook their own meals and take advantage of recreation facilities that might not be available in a hotel. The ability to host weddings and other special events can be a significant advantage for a cottage owner.

Peak Season (Memorial Day - Labor Day) 7 day minimum stay. Off season (before Memorial Day and after Labor Day) 2 night minimum stay.

Overnight Stay Rooms

Motels are designed for travelers who want overnight accommodations that are convenient and affordable. They typically provide basic facilities like a bed, private bathroom, and television. They also have ample parking spaces for their guests to park their vehicles. Motels are usually located near highways, making them a popular lodging option for road trippers.

While motels and hotels share many similarities, there are several key differences between them. Understanding these differences can help travelers decide which type of lodging is best for their needs.

Motels originally became popular with the advent of automobiles and family road trips, as they were an affordable alternative to hotels for drivers seeking overnight stays. They tend to be smaller than hotels with simpler design features. They have exterior entry doors that face the parking lot instead of an interior hallway, and rooms are closer together. They may offer a variety of amenities such as a pool, continental breakfast, and room service. However, the majority of motels are single-room accommodation establishments that do not include kitchen facilities. They may have a restaurant or café on-site.


Many people immediately turn to hotels when searching for accommodations while on vacation, but there are a number of less-standard options out there that offer a variety of unique benefits. One such type of lodging is called a cabin. While these units are similar to hotel rooms in their functionality, they often feature architectural designs that add a bit of character and charm.

Unlike the sterile environments found in many hotel rooms, cabins are often situated on picturesque grounds with lush forests, mountains, lakes, or other scenic surroundings. This proximity to nature offers a revitalizing experience that is hard to find in the crowded spaces of hotels. Guests can wake up to the melodious sounds of nature’s creatures and enjoy breathtaking views that are impossible to replicate in a hotel setting.

Cabins also have the advantage of being more family-friendly than hotels. Young parents can rest easy knowing that they won’t have to worry about waking up their neighbors by having baby cries echo through the walls like they sometimes do in hotel rooms. Additionally, many of these lodgings welcome pets.


If you’re traveling with a large group of people or need more space than a typical hotel room, you may be interested in renting a cottage at a motel. These types of accommodations are designed to create a small house feel, providing families with the type of separate rooms that are often hard to find in hotel rooms. This will help them enjoy their vacation more without worrying about having to avoid petty arguments over who gets to sleep in the room with whom.

Cottages are also typically bigger than hotel-style rooms, making them an ideal choice for families with children. This will allow parents to sleep in a separate room and provide their kids with the comfort they need to relax. In addition, the extra space can also make it easier for everyone to get together and enjoy a meal.

This particular cottage has a good-sized screened in porch with a table & chairs and rocking chair. Inside is 1 room with on the left a queen bed, on the right a day bed with a twin trundle bed underneath. There is a dresser, HDMI-ready TV in corner and kitchenette with sink, free standing stove & full size fridge. Look out the kitchenette window and you will see & hear our brook running!