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How Is The Time Required To Dry Various Types Of Films?

May 11

A lot of people choose to tint their windows to improve the appearance of their home or car. It can also provide some privacy and protection from sun.

One question that often comes to mind when people think of getting their windows tinted is the time it will take for the tint to dry. We will answer this question and offer some tips to make sure that the process of drying is as easy as it can be.

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What Are The Different Types of Window Tint?

Before we get into the time it takes for the window tint to dry, we should briefly look at the various types of window film. This will help in understanding the process of drying and the factors that affect it.

The three primary types of window film are metalized, dyed and carbon. The dye is applied on the film's surface, creating dyed window film. The tint is typically more affordable than the other varieties, but it doesn't last as long. It also tends to fade when exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

By applying a thin layer metal to the film's surface window films can be created. The tint is stronger than dyed films, however it could cause interference with GPS and radio signals.

Carbon window film is created by adding a layer of of carbon to the film's surface. This kind of tint is very durable and doesn't hinder radio or GPS signals.

How is the time required to dry various types of films

We've figured out what different types of window films appear to be. Let's discuss how long it takes each one to dry.

Window film dyed with dye typically dries within 24 hours. It is recommended to allow 48 hours between washing the car or rolling the windows shut.

It can take up 72 hours for the metalized window film to completely dry. It is recommended that you wait for at least 48 hours before washing your car and then rolling down the windows.

Carbon window film takes 72 hours to fully dry. You can however remove your windows within 24 hours.

What Happens If You Don't Wait For The Window Tint To Dry?

It is possible to damage your window tint if you do not allow it enough time to dry. Water can make the adhesive become loose and then begin peeling off. In extreme instances it could cause the film to burst. If you want your tint to last, you should allow it to fully dry prior to washing your vehicle or roll down the windows.

Tips To Dry Window Tint More Faster

If you are unable to wait for 48 hours for your window tint to dry, there are some things you can do to accelerate the process.

A hair dryer is an excellent method to speed up the drying process of window tint. The hairdryer should be set to the coolest setting and keep it about 12 inches away from the film. The hairdryer must be moved back and forth until it's dry.

Another method to dry window tint is to place it in direct sunlight. The heat of the sun can accelerate the process of drying. It is important to not close your windows prior to the film has completely dried. In the event that you do, you may end up damaging it.


Window tint usually takes around 48 hours to dry. There are a few ways you can speed up the process when you aren't able to wait that long. Utilizing a hairdryer, or parking in direct sunlight are both effective techniques to dry window tints quicker. Do not roll down the windows until the film has dried completely. This could cause damage.

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