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Jason Bassett, Long Island DWI Lawyer, Receives Another Positive Review

Nov 29

Long Island, NY-- Being charged with criminal activity in New York can have serious consequences. Few know this better than Long Island DWI Lawyer ( Jason Bassett. The effects of being convicted of a crime could be severe and can often even change the trajectory of a person's entire life. Mr. Bassett believes that no one needs to face the criminal justice system alone and without the advantage of a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer.

As a knowledgeable DWI Lawyer, Jason Bassett understands that the quality of criminal defense that a person gets if they are charged with a criminal offense can make a big difference. Whether the charges get dismissed, downgraded, a plea deal is put forward to the defendant, or if they wind up in jail or prison and for what the length of time, can typically depend on the work of their defense lawyer. Whether an individual has been charged with theft, assault, murder, domestic violence, or even a DWI or DUI, a criminal charge and conviction can haunt them for years to come. This is why it is vital to have the representation of someone with the knowledge, experience, and perseverance to fight for the defendant's rights.

"Although criminal penalties and prison time are hard enough, the way criminal charges and convictions impact the rest of that defendant's life can be similarly terrible," said Mr. Bassett. "A defendant can be punished and serve their time, and yet for the rest of their life, there is a reminder that they are still looked at a criminal in the eyes of society. A criminal charge can affect an individual's future employment, academic options, professional licenses and certifications, and participation in certain federal government programs. Each time that person requests a job, the potential employer will look at them differently. A well-crafted criminal defense is vital to protect my clients not just from the criminal punishment itself but also these other long-term collateral repercussions."

As a former prosecutor, Mr. Bassett has seen the other side of the criminal justice system and the way lots of suspects feel they are without power within the system. He has turned his sights to criminal defense in order to help level the playing field and protect the rights of those who may have been charged with a crime at either the federal or state level. Both other attorneys and clients continue to offer positive reviews and testimonials when it comes to their work together.

Hermina Krajcik from Long Island states: Attorney Jason Bassett has a lot of knowledge in criminal law. But even more, he also has extensive experience in the field. He also went above and beyond what was required. He was always available and answered all our questions. He was nothing but professional and was compassionate and humble. I recommend him and his team. Rest assured that if you use him, your case will definitely be in great, capable hands.

In our legal system, an accused has crucial rights under the law, and it is the criminal defense lawyer's task to promote those rights. With more than twenty-one years in the criminal justice system, Mr. Bassett has dedicated his practice to safeguarding the rights of his clients in and out of the courtroom. You can discover more about him on their website.