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David S. Leigh, Slip And Fall Attorney In Fordham Bronx, Continues To Get Favorable Evaluations From Gratified Clients

Nov 25

David S. Leigh, Esq. is no stranger to working very hard on behalf of his personal injury clients. As managing attorney and founder at the Law Office of David S. Leigh, Mr. Leigh has spent nearly a decade working diligently for the legal rights of his clients, while holding negligent entities liable for their damages and injuries. As an experienced slip and fall attorney ( in Fordham Bronx, he has seen the pain and suffering that negligence and recklessness may exact on innocent victims and the unknown financial and physical burdens these types of actions leave behind.

During his decade as a slip and fall attorney, Mr. Leigh has committed his law firm to victims of car collisions, truck collisions, slip and fall incidents, wrongful death claims, and other serious personal injury matters in Fordham Bronx. Although both a qualified litigator and negotiator, he believes his primary talent is his capability to understand his clients' circumstances and listen closely to the client's needs. He really wants every client to clearly understand what is going on at every point during their case and never continue without their informed suggestions.

"No matter how complex a personal injury case may be, every client deserves to understand exactly what is happening during their case, the possible effects, and to feel heard and recognized. At our firm, we describe each action of the procedure so that the clients can be active participants in their future," Mr. Leigh discussed. "Knowing I am an essential part in getting the client's life back on track is what makes me enthusiastic about practicing the law."

Mr. Leigh's clients appear to agree. Over the course of his practice, clients have often shared how thankful they were for Mr. Leigh's effort and dedication to their case.

Carlo Lesch from Fordham, Bronx writes: These people were really extremely skilled and took care of my slip and fall case with a great deal of care. They always answered all of my concerns in a timely manner and made me feel comfortable. Would definitely highly recommend this lawyer to anybody needing a personal injury lawyer.

"I'm honored that our customers appreciate everything that we do for them. These reviews and testimonials signify how committed we are to providing superior legal services for our clients," Mr. Leigh continued. "We only deal with contingency, so our customers never pay any legal charges unless we do our tasks and recover payment on their behalf. Due to this, there is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain for somebody who has been injured by a negligent party."

Mr. Leigh and his team of personal injury attorneys proudly represent hard-working individuals throughout New York City. While they mostly focus on personal injury law, as it involves members of the neighborhood, they have likewise helped individuals with a variety of legal concerns that a community member may have encountered in their individual or professional lives.

Mr. Leigh understands that every case is different and each client is special, however, he tackles each claim with the very same diligence and commitment in order to make sure each client's best interests and legal rights are represented.

David S. Leigh, Esq. and the Law Offices of David S. Leigh are competent personal injury lawyers with close to a decade of experience representing victims of neglect. During their careers, the attorneys associated with the law office have recovered large sums as a compensation for their clients. For more information about Mr. Leigh or his firm, visit their website.